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We are a hoot in second class. 2017
Gymnastics 2
Mother's day 5th class 2017
Senior Infants Sports Day 2017
Art & Drama 4th class
Maths week 2017
spring 2017
5th Class Halloween Art
Drumming Lesson 3rd class
Junior Infants June 2017-Slán agus beannacht.
Senior Infants 2
Drama in January 4th class 2017
2016 pyjama party
Junior Infants September 2017 - learning
Junior Infants November 2016
Electricty October
World War I 5th class 2017
Halloween Fun October 28th 2016
Junior Infants June 2017 - Teddy Bear Picnic
Junior Infants 2 ~ February
First Class Art 2017
5th Class Thunder & lightening Sept 2017
Pancake Tuesday in Senior Infants
Visit of Brendan Fuller from Kerry Radio January 13th 2017
Pancake Tuesday