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Senior Infants Class Blog

Ralph, our class Elf

On Friday the 1st of December we had a very special delivery. Just before hometime Ms’ Doyle delivered a parcel that the postman had dropped to the office. It was a big, red box with Christmas baubles on it...and it was jumping!!!!! We soon discovered that it was a special parcel from the North Pole.

We opened the parcel with great excitement and inside we found, Ralph, a story book and a special scroll. The scroll was a note from Santa. We couldn’t believe our luck....Winnie the Witch at Halloween and Santa at Christmas! 

Santa said he was so impressed with all of hard work and that he had sent his most special elf to keep a close eye on us. Ralph disappears every night and reappears every morning in a new spot. This week he was hanging from Christmas fairy lights, reading a story to our class puppets and sitting on top of our Christmas tree.

We are so excited every morning to see where he is hiding. We explained to teacher that those elves can be a little cheeky and I think she is worried that Ralph might ruin the classroom, so far he has been pretty good.


On Friday we wrote Santa a letter thanking him for sending us Ralph. We will keep you updated on all his silly behaviours over the next couple of weeks!




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