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Results of class projects

On Friday the 1st of March, the children presented their projects to two judges, Jerome Crowley and Carmel Sheehan. The judges were delighted with the amount of work the children put into their projects and found it very difficult to decide which group would go onto the next round of the Community Games competition. On Monday the 4th of March the judges returned to our classroom to inform us of the results and here they are .....


IMG 0553

1st Place - Cars


IMG 0554

Joint 2nd Place - Braille and Sign Language


IMG 0560

Joint 2nd Place - Medicine


IMG 0556

Joint 3rd Place - Planes


IMG 0557

Joint 3rd Place - Tractors


IMG 0559

Over-age group 1 - Sign Language and Braille


IMG 0558

Over-age Group 2 - Internet

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