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Chess Tournament June 2017
Drumming Workshop January 18th 2017
Junior Infants 2 Halloween Shenanigans
Third Class SEAI 2016
Oeration transformation 2017
Fifth Class Construction Day 2016
Senior Infants 2
Drums 2nd Class 2017
Magic Reindeer Food S Infants 2016
2016 September News
Fairy Toast Senior Infants 2
Maths Trail 3rd
Lighthouse Art 5th Class 2017
School Tour 6th class 2017
Visit of Brendan Fuller from Kerry Radio January 13th 2017
Sport and Projects Fifth Class 2017
spring 2017
Ciara and Elaine 2017
Making Toast senior infants 2017
Second Class Frogs 2016
First and Second Class School Tour
Fourth class rocket 2016
Green Schools RSA 2016
SOCK monsters

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